Skype script/bot for SVN update notices (Xvfb related)

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Skype script/bot for SVN update notices (Xvfb related)

Post by BGR_WS » Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:52 am

Howdy. Apologies if this has come up before, but I did some browsing and searching and couldn't see/find anything.

I just grabbed a KVM9 package, primarily to host an SVN repo for a game mod group I'm part of, after our former hosting arrangement ended. I'm also planning to run a couple of smaller repos for my business, for software source code and documents, amongst some other things. I know nothing about Linux, so this is something of a terrifying adventure outside my comfort zone. Fortunately though I do have a friend that has experience with it, and he is helping me do the basic setup.

Anyway, I stumbled across something that looked pretty cool, but it seems it might not be possible (or advisable anyway) to run, so I wanted to get some feedback. There is a Python script called Sevabot that can make use of the Linux Skype client to do a number of things, one of which is monitor an SVN and post any updates to a Skype channel (see here). I thought that sounded quite useful, given that we use a Skype channel to communicate/organise, but it seems the requirements of the Skype client (not the bot itself) may be too much overhead for a VPS, and my guru advised against it. This is the Sevabot install info for Ubuntu (I'm running 12.04 64bit) - https://sevabot-skype-bot.readthedocs.o ... buntu.html I gather the primary issue is with Xvfb (and related processes).

What are people's thoughts on this? Is it indeed too much for a VPS?

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Re: Skype script/bot for SVN update notices (Xvfb related)

Post by Admin » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:01 pm

Welcome :)

Well, maybe for other providers this might be too much, however we have many people using full desktop with flash and even games, and KVM9 is not really a puppy, so I think it will work pretty well.
Make sure you are using the VirtIO drivers and take care not to run out of RAM to start swapping, other than that, as far as the server is concerned, it should be OK.


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