pm43 reboot

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pm43 reboot

Post by Admin » Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:58 am

Hello !

pm43 rebooted some 40 minutes ago and downtime is estimated to an average of 15 minutes.
Preliminary research into the cause seem to indicate same kernel .32 instabilities, there seems to be no problem with the hardware.
We also had a few DDoS attacks against a couple of other nodes, at least one is still ongoing, attempts to release the IP resulted in other few minutes of packet loss.
For now the IPs remain blackholed, further attempts to release them will take place later in the day.
Another problem to report is the slow array on pm29. Read speeds are ok, same IOPS, write, however, is some 20 times slower than our usual 300-400 MB/s. The array is not degraded, this issue is still under investigation, but we took a backup just in case. If there will be the case for maintenance work, there will be further announcements directly to the customers on the node.

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