NEW ! ftpnweb free backup space for Biz plans

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NEW ! ftpnweb free backup space for Biz plans

Postby Admin » Fri May 24, 2013 4:01 am

Hello !

As you probably know, the Biz plans come with included 20 GB off-site space.
In the past they were provisioned manually, however, to celebrate our 16th aniversary, now we automated this process AND increased the storage AND added the possibility to retrieve your backups (or any files you store there, for that matter) via static web pages.
In order to claim your free FTP backup space, you need to order them from the site. Here they are:
The following plans can get the 25 GB offer:
All Biz ZS plans;
Biz KS (0-5);
Biz Xen (0-5);
The larger Biz KS and Xen qualify for the 50 GB offer.
These plans are powered by the DirectAdmin control panel.
They allow you to create static web pages (no PHP, no CGI since the servers have a lot of disk space and would overload the CPUs if dynamic content is generated) and the use of FTP and FTPS (explicit SSL).
Some clients may not recognize the certificate, even tho it is recognized by all browsers I tested, just force them to accept it (the procedure varies depending on your FTP client, please check the relevant documentation). This will happen anyway if you do not use the hostname ( in either the browser or the ftp client.
Selected customers may qualify for shell access to use it with SCP, if you are an old customer in good standing (a few months of service without incidents), please raise a ticket and we will enable it manually if you need it. It is disabled by default to prevent abuse attempts. This feature will supersede the rsync function of the old storage server.
The old server will be decomissioned in approximately one month (some of you know it had some problems), please switch to the new plans as soon as you can in order to maintain uninterrupted service.

1. These backup plans do not void your right to the free onsite 10 GB FTP-only storage. Every paying Prometeus/Iperweb customer is entitled to that, even if they only have Biz plan(s). We extended that offer to include the OVerZold plans which were previously excluded.
2. If you have multiple Biz plans and this space is not enough, you can raise a ticket and we will increase it to include 25 GB for every second, third, etc Biz plan you have.

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Re: NEW ! ftpnweb free backup space for Biz plans

Postby fiffio » Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:41 am

how can I choose a 3rd-level domain for this service?
I prefer a domain name like
but "The product/service you have chosen requires a domain name so please enter your domain name selection from below."


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Re: NEW ! ftpnweb free backup space for Biz plans

Postby Admin » Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:49 am

Hello !

You can add subdomains in an unlimited number later, so, first put your domain and add a subdomain in the control panel afterwards.

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