HowTo Use a (your) domain with your VPS.

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HowTo Use a (your) domain with your VPS.

Post by Admin » Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:44 pm

Hello again !

I have seen some tickets about parking domains on our DNS. Prometeus does offer these services together with some big plans, however, you can park your domain for free at your domain provider, usually, or use highly configurable 3rd party free services.

I will detail here the use of a long standing provider and favourite of mine,
First, I asume you have access to your domain control panel. If you do not own a domain, skip at hosting a subdomain section of this tutorial.
Register for a free account at After you login will look like this:
Add your domain there by following these steps:
Click domains on the left, click add Domain and put your domain there like this domain.tld ignoring www. For example, if I put there, will add only. Make sure to change from public to private, otherwise everyone will be able to use your domain's subdomains.
Now go to your domain registrar panel (NOT your previous host DNS panel if it had such thing but the place where you bought your domain from !) and find where you can change DNS there (delegate DNS, modify DNS there can be a number of variations) and add there at least, if you have place add all 4. If there were any DNS there, remove them.
Now you can add www subdomain for your VPS here.
Go back to and in subdomains page, click on www and at destination put your VPSs IP there.
It may not work immediately, it takes some time after a change before all DNSs in the world update the records, it can take in average 2 hours.

Hosting a subdomain
If you do not have your own domain, no worries, you can still use a free one, from They have a huge selection of free domains, but you can only add unused subdomains, in no way www for example, but may be free, for example, or vps-3.
In this case, go directly to subdomains, click add and if you don't like the few in the window
, click on many more available and select one which is public. Then you can add your subdomain to it, as i said, myvps1, prometeus, joe, as long as they are not taken, can be valid. Then insert the IP of your VPS and you are done !
It will look like this:
Go to and you are set.
An example of a site like that:
Another one here:

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Re: HowTo Use a (your) domain with your VPS.

Post by ErawanArifNugroho » Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:16 am

Thank you very much for the tutorial M :)
It would save some time for the newbie

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