private ip addresses option

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private ip addresses option

Post by user » Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:38 pm

On the iperweb reseller's section I've seen there is no dedicated ip offered so I guess there is not much to discuss inside an ip address related forum topic. There are probably many who start to think about buying a hosting plan with a single idea and a fixed issue: nameservers and ssl certificates on dedicated ip addresses. WHM/Cpanel install directly on a ipv6 address is still not implemented and the server name indication extention to ssl/tls isn't quite widely used and nobody tries to offer real dedicated or at least private solutions in the way many see the webhosting in general. With a vps, doesn't matter which plan, I am just making an introduction for the question I have, prometeus offers an ipv4 address and four ipv6 ones. Prometeus negociates bw directly with isps, so I guess uncle Salvatore is somehow in touch or at least in a good relation with the people one level above.

Prometeus uses its own ip addresses, its as number etc, for its own business and therefore for the needs of its own clients, and probably it does it very good, nobody argues here. But well, from what many understand, people usually don't have that need, so to speak, mainly because the actual service vendor appears inside the whois. It's true that prometeus doesn't advertise/offer - hosting made with privacy in mind - plans, but I have to ask this. Unless the customer has its own as number etc, is it possible for a prometeus client to actually request an ip address that is provider dependent (pa instead of pi), datacenter, unmarked, whatever it's called or an ip address that is meant for the use of the provider, one level above prometeus, that has isp info inside the ripe whois, and hence is more "private", instead of the standard offered 1pv4 ( + 4ipv6 default one(s))?

Feel free to comment, anything will help.

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Re: private ip addresses option

Post by Admin » Fri Mar 29, 2013 4:49 pm

Hello !

It is possible to give you your own contact information for the IPs. You can then put your company there, and as contact person the company CTO or administrator.
Just out of curiosity, why do you wish to hide Prometeus from your visitors ? We do not have anything to hide, if you are thinking about your privacy, well, having prometeus as contact for the IP is as anonymous for you as it gets, not that it has your info there or anything.

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